Matrix Revolutions (Blu-ray) 

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Wilson, Lambert - Matrix Revolutions (Blu-ray) In the powerful final chapter of the Matrix trilogy, Neo takes another step forward in the quest for truth that began with his journey into the real world...
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GenreAction / Adventure
Aspect RatioTBC
LanguagesEnglish (Dolby Digital 5.1)
ActorsWilson, Lambert,
Reeves, Keanu,
Fishburne, Laurence,
Moss, Carrie-Anne,
Smith, Jada Pinkett,
Weaving, Hugo
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It is a dark time for the world. Neo is trapped in the "Train Station", between the Matrix and the Source. Zion is doomed to be crushed under an unstoppable army of countless Sentinels. But it is not only the human race that is in peril. The machines press ever onward against the humans, unaware that one force within the Matrix has slowly been growing, and has taken over that world completely: Smith. There is only one hope for both races, the one force that can stop Smith, and that is Neo. One final battle must ensue. And the outcome of this battle will decide the fate and future of both races.

starstarstarempty starempty star  (1 reviews)  Write a review    Add to Wishlist  JB Admin
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More real than fantasy

Simon on 28.09.2012

Revolutions is not as good as the first or second matrix but it does bring closure to the story. The movie is set more in the real world than in the matrix.

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