3rd Rock From The Sun - Season 4 

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Lithgow, John - 3rd Rock From The Sun - Season 4 An alien expedition is boldly going where no aliens have gone before: EARTH! Taking on human identities, these visitors are in for a culture shock of astronomical proportions...
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Third Rock From The Sun is a TV show about a group of explorers that came to the third rock from the Sun. Here they take human form. Dick Solomon the High Commander of the group is a physics teacher at an Ohio University. He is attracted to Dr. Mary Albright who he met at work.
Sally is second in charge. She tries to be like other women but doesn't always do everything right. Harry is not always on top of things. He receives incoming Transmissions from the Giant Head. Tommy is a teenage boy going through the troubles of becoming a man.

Episode Listing:
Doctor Solomon's Traveling Alien Show
Power Mad Dick
Feelin' Albright
Collect Call for Dick
What's Love Got To Do, Got To Do With Dick?
I Am Dick Pentameter!
D3: Judgement Day
Indecent Dick
Happy New Dick!
Two-Faced Dick
Dick Solomon of the Indiana Solomons
Dick and Taxes
Paranoid Dick
The House That Dick
Superstitious Dick
Dick the Mouth
Citizen Solomon
Alien Hunter
Dick vs. Strudwick
Near Dick Experience
Dick's Big Giant Headache, Part 1
Dick's Big Giant Headache, Part 2

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