3rd Rock From The Sun - Season 6 

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 - 3rd Rock From The Sun - Season 6 An alien expedition is boldly going where no aliens have gone before: EARTH! Taking on human identities, these visitors are in for a culture shock of astronomical proportions...
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As many intelligent people know, aliens are all around us. This is a story of a band of four such explorers on a mission of research. In order to blend in, they have assumed human form. Their High Commander, Dick, has assembled an elite team of experts: Sally, a decorated military officer; Tommy, a seasoned intelligence specialist; and Harry ... well, they had an extra seat ...

Episode Listing:
Les Liaisons Dickgereuses
Fear and Loathing in Rutherford
Dick'll Take Manhattan (1)
Dick'll Take Manhattan (2)
Why Dickie Can't Teach
Red, White & Dick
Dick Digs
There's No Business Like Dick Business
A Dick Replacement
Dick's Ark
You Don't Know Dick
My Mother, My Dick
Glengarry Glen Dick
Dick Soup for the Soul
Mary Loves Scoochie (1)
Mary Loves Scoochie (2)
The Thing That Wouldn't Die (1)
The Thing That Wouldn't Die (2)

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