Offspring (Season 1) (5 Dvd Set) 

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Waters, John - Offspring (Season 1) (5 Dvd Set) Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) has a simple quest - to deal with her fabulously messy family, her ex-husband, the intensity of a job delivering babies, and the hunt for a decent love life - whilst also handling her tendency to over-think, fantasise, and wonder about life's other little mysteries.
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Nina Proudman's (Asher Keddie) career as an obstetrician is full of surprises; her ex-husband is an explosives expert who detonates to demonstrate his undying love for her; her family life is never short of emergencies; and Nina is the person everyone turns to for help in the midst of their crises. Charting her way through the Proudman maelstrom, Nina is totally thrown off course when she meets dreamy new workmate Chris Havel.
Newly arrived in Melbourne, Chris Havel (Don Hany) is a paediatrician. From the moment he arrives in the neonatal ward, the spark between Chris and Nina ignites. He is everything she could ever want from a man. Chris is handsome and smart, gentle and strong. The two of them seem made for each other. But Chris has a past that could destroy any hope for Nina. Billie Proudman (Kat Stewart) is Nina's unruly elder sister. An apprentice in their father's real estate business, Billie is bold, brassy and incapable of lying. Once the wild child, Billie is now determined to put her wayward youth behind her and make something great of her life. If only she could convince her on again, off again boyfriend Mick (Eddie Perfect) to do the same.
Bright and vivacious, Cherie (Deborah Mailman) also has her feet on the ground. A nurse and friend of Nina, Cherie left the hospital to take up a position on the medical staff of a cruise ship. She returns to land- and to Nina's world- on the verge of giving birth. Cherie's life is about to become a whole lot more than she expected.
Following the Proudman family's adventures searching for love, fulfillment and balance in the chaos of modern life, Offspring is about the life forces that drive us all: love, sex, babies, food and music. This life affirming series provides food for the soul as it examines the curses and the blessings that come with intricate family connections

Also includes: Original Feature-length Telemovie

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Offspring Season 1 Review

Stooge10 on 12.09.2011

One of, if not, my favourite show on T.V. Asher Keddie is simply hilarious, cute, charming, sexy and a fine actress as is everyone else in the cast. There is not a character in this show that I wouldn't be devastated about if they left. From Jimmy to Martin Klegg, each character adds their own balance of comedy and drama to every episode. Major props to writer Debra Oswald who has come a long way since her hysterical play Dags (which I performed once). Overall, a fantastic series, can't wait to see more of the crazy Proudman family and their friends!

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