Walking Dead, The - Season 1 

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Lincoln,  Andrew - Walking Dead, The - Season 1 Follows a band of Atlanta-based survivors of a viral outbreak that has caused the dead to rise up and consume the living.
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Format2 DVD
GenreHorror / Thriller
Aspect Ratio1.78:1
LanguagesEnglish (Dolby Digital 5.1)
ActorsLincoln, Andrew,
Holden, Laurie,
Callies, Sarah Wayne,
Bernthal , Jon,
Demunn, Jeffrey
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The Walking Dead follows a band of Atlanta-based survivors of a viral outbreak that has caused the dead to rise up and consume the living. The group's nominal leader is a sheriff's deputy (Andrew Lincoln) who wakes from a gunshot-induced coma to find the world in disarray and his wife (Sarah Wayne Callies, Prison Break) and son missing. His search for his family and the survivors' attempts to make sense of their lives in the wake of the outbreak is handled with intelligence and sensitivity, which helps to elevate the show beyond the grindhouse take on zombies, which favours spilled guts over character development. That's not to say that the blood doesn't flow plentifully here: the special effects are on par with zombie-movie mayhem, but again, they aren't the show's raison d' tre. Solid performances, including Jon Bernthal as Lincoln's partner, Jeffrey DeMunn as the group's leading rationalist, and Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus as a pair of trouble-making rednecks.

Special Features
The Making of The Walking Dead
Inside The Walking Dead: Episodes 1-6
A sneak peek with Robert Kirkman
Behind the scenes zombie make-up tips
Convention panel with producers
Zombie school
Bicycle Girl
On set with Robert Kirkman
Hanging with Steven Yeun
Inside Dale’s RV
On set with Andrew Lincoln

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Amazing show

B Whitehorn on 14.03.2012

This may not be a show for you, but if you love zombies, action, amazing make up for the zombies, characters, death and basically the whole package when it comes to a zombie show (or movie) then this will be a show for you. It starts off with main character Rick Grimes waking up in a hospital and from there he sets out of a journey any man would in this situation: to find his family (that is if they're alive). That is all I'm going to say but from the opening scene be prepared for action. This show will blow you away!



Karolina on 13.07.2012

If you like tv shows with suspense, a bit of gore and never ending surprises then this is the one for you! I started watching since the day it came out and can hardly wait for the next season! If your not watching the walking dead your wasting your life away!

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