Doctor Who - Attack Of The Cybermen 

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 - Doctor Who - Attack Of The Cybermen
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Format2 DVD
GenreSci-Fi / Fantasy, TV
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
LanguagesEnglish (Dolby Digital 2.0)
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The TARDIS is lured to Earth, London, 1985 by an alien distress signal. Investigating, the Doctor and Peri stumble upon an attempted bank robbery staged through the London sewers by a familiar foe - ex-Dalek agent, Lytton. But who is he working for this time? For they soon discover there is something far nastier lurking in the sewers - Cybermen. Why do the silver giants need a time machine? What is their devastating plan of attack? And what does it have to do with acatastrophic event that happened long ago in the Doctor's past?

starstarstarhalf starempty star  (2 reviews)  Write a review    Add to Wishlist  JB Admin
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very boring acting

dalek2010 on 22.12.2010

i was dissapointed to find out what this dvd held. the acting was krummy and i do not reccomend buying. i was expecting more scary but i was wrong. what the characters say draw my eyes to a close as it is not interestingly said. this should be worst dr who story ever


attack of the cyberman

doctor who on 25.06.2012

Best cyberman episode of the 80's, Colin Baker best doctor of the 80's.

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