Immortal (French) 

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Kretschmann,  Thomas - Immortal (French)
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The New York of 2095 retains some of its past majesty, such as the Empire State Building, and many other skyscrapers. But the skyline is principally dominated by a huge floating pyramid that has appeared, apparently sent by ancient Egyptian Gods. This is the scenario that director Enki Bilal sets for his film, IMMORTAL, which was among the first to shoot actors playing out their entire roles against a blue screen, then depositing them in a computer-generated environment in post-production. The pyramid has appeared in the skyline so the Gods can rid themselves of Horus (Thomas M. Pollard), who scours Manhattan for a suitable human body to inhabit. As he searches for a mate, Horus's life is irrevocably thrown together with a strange, blue-haired girl who is embarking on a quest that mirrors the hero's own. A sci-fi epic that resembles genre favorites such as THE FIFTH ELEMENT and THE MATRIX, Bilal based the action on his own comic strips, producing an innovative, action-packed movie in the process. One of the most expensive European film productions ever, Immortal is French graphic novelist Enki Bilal's ambitious screen adaptation of his own Nikopol Trilogy. Like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Bilal's tale of gods and men in late-21st-century Manhattan takes place in an almost entirely computer-generated universe.

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