Stingers - Season 1 

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Phelps,  Peter - Stingers - Season 1
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Inspired by the extraordinary career of true life undercover cop, Guy Wilding, STINGERS explores the lives of five undercover operatives and their experiences of crime and desire, anonymity and love, betrayal and displacement. The undercovers, known as Stingers, work behind enemy lines and within criminal circles. It's not a job they can leave at the office. An Australian Classic TV crime drama gritty and powerful. All 22 Episodes of Season 1 on 6 DVDs.

Episode Listing:
Hit Me
The Initiation
Show the Dead Mouse: Part 1
Show the Dead Mouse: Part 2
Innocents Abroad
Blind Love
Jelly Babies
Nothing Personal
Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof
Faking It
Right on Target
Without Fear or Favour
Lunatic Fringe: Part 1
Lunatic Fringe: Part 2
Into the Cold
Lone Hand
Proving Ground
Cast Off
Dead Man's Throw

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