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 - Deadpool Some of you may know me as the Merc with the Mouth. And it’s time to get mouthy. Prepare to get Deadpooled – That’s right, $#*! just got real!
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Some of you may know me as the Merc with the Mouth. And it’s time to get mouthy. Prepare to get Deadpooled – That’s right, $#*! just got real! Couple things I’d like to get off my chest: I’m a mercenary for hire with an accelerated healing factor. I like to run my mouth. Some say I’m unstable but I’m very stable. (Yep, totally stable) (What about that time we beat the dude with his own arms?) (That doesn’t count) And if you want to know what gets me going in the mornings, it’s chimichangas! (Mmmmm Chimichangas) WHOA, I feel better now. All right. I’m gonna battle for the safety of humans (and bewbs!) and mutants (and bewbs!)

Key Features

• I wanted to capture all my good sides including the gloriousness that is my bottom, so I made my game a third-person action-shooter. (haha bottom)

• And there might just be some X-Men showing up too. They just can't get enough of me. (Pimpin' ain't easy...)

• I'm really good at killing, so I made it a blast stringing together combos, jumping from really REALLY high places, and totally eviscerating my enemies. (SWEET!)

• I brought my skills and a buttload of my favorite things. Katanas (check), guns (bang!) explosives (boom), duct tape (check) and of course yours truly -- ME! (checkmate!)

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Wade Wilson on 24.06.2013

Nothing makes sense in this game. Yet everything makes sense. This world, as realized by High Moon, doesn’t change how you’ll play a game by any means, but that almost serves as the perfect contrast for everything else. Most games hook you with gameplay and story. Deadpool hooks you with a crazed, unpredictable lead character. You want to keep playing because you want to see what will happen next. And that’s pretty cool.

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