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Grandview - Room 15
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Q: Can you call something a 're-issue' if it was never really issued in the first place? You may be thinking that Tim Oxley is a workaholic, but this CD was put together a few years back and sold at shows - now Half A Cow have come to the party and released it to the wider public with a stack of extra tracks (just so the party faithful have to buy it again...). Hinting at a rootsier Elliott Smith folksy vibe (as laid back as a well used Orchy bottle...if you know what I mean). This is required Sunday afternoon BBQ music for the warmer months (you'd need to be a little bit gone to sing along to songs like "You would love me more if I had cancer"!)

Track Listing

Disc 1:

  1. Doctor Do Very Little
  2. High On Life
  3. Roll Over
  4. By Your Side
  5. Town To Town
  6. Where I'll Be Waiting For You
  7. Canvas Boy
  8. Oh Me Oh My
  9. You Would Love Me More If?
  10. Dead Man
  11. Diamond Eyes
  12. Hand In Hand
  13. Blue Eyes
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