Guns Babes Lemonade  - Muscles

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Muscles - Guns Babes Lemonade
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Hi my name is Muscles but you can call me Flex
My band is called Muscles and we make music to work out to, at the gym or the comfort of your own home.
When I was in school I really wanted to be a Songwriter/Producer
My favourite record ever is Soft Machine - Volume One
The first show we ever played was in a cafe in Richmond but the most recent one was Modular Party at Maxim's Paris.
I would like my music to make you delirious and feel something you're not sure what is
One day I would really like to crush an infant tortoises head with the palm of my fist
The most amazing place I've ever been/seen is Six Flags Magic Mountain. Its nuts because I really like upside down rollercoasters.
I'll tell you a story about a funny thing that happened to my band in March I got electrocuted and burned by purple Christmas lights, I never wore them to a gig ever again and then they got stolen, I will show you the scars if you ask me. - Muscles

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Already a huge hit back in Australia, Muscles' meltdown classic "Ice Cream" is a thrilling surge of overcaffeinated adrenaline that sounds like Daft Punk produced by Xenomania; and adheres to the rule that all great pop songs should sound dumb but complex, joyous but dark at the same time.

Muscles or Chris to his mom, is a 21 year old from rural Australia who's been making beats in his bedroom for 10 years until the eureka! moment of making upcoming smash "One Inch Badge Pin" last year – "I thought, this is it, this is my sound, I found my point of view." Declining to name influences for his music, he says, "I didn't even know about indie rock till 4 years ago. Before that I was listening to a lot of dance music and commercial trance."
(from Dazed Digital / Kin Woo)

Track Listing

Disc 1:

  1. Sweaty
  2. Chocolate Rasberry Lemon And Lime
  3. Ice Cream
  4. Jerk
  5. One Inch Badge Pin
  6. My Friend Richard
  7. The Lake
  8. Lauren From Glebe
  9. Marshmallow
  10. Futurekidz
  11. Hey Muscles I Love You
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