Logitech G27 Wheel 

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Games Accessories - Logitech G27 Wheel Dual-motor force feedback makes you feel closer than ever to the world's greatest circuits.
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Sliding around a gravelly curve or screaming through Monaco, dual-motor force feedback and a six-speed shifter make the world’s greatest circuits feel closer than ever.

Key Features

Dual-motor force feedback
You’ll experience traction loss, weight shift, and road feel recreated smoothly and accurately. Helical gearing provides the exceptionally quiet steering action. Force feedback - You can really feel it.

RPM/shift indicator LEDs
Keeping an eye on the indicator panel lets you know just when to shift gears for maximum torque (in supported games).

Steel gas, brake, and clutch pedals
Sturdy true-to-life pedals deliver precise throttle, braking, and shifting control for heightened realism.

16 programmable buttons plus D-pad
You can map useful game functions to locations that make sense to you—whether on the wheel itself or on the shift module.

Six-speed shifter
You can quickly select exactly the right gear for the turn or the straightaway. The push-down reverse gear lets you back up realistically. Serious about sim games? Learn how Logitech peripherals make sim games more real.

Hand-stitched leather
The 11-inch wheel is wrapped in real leather to help keep your hands comfortable from the start line to the checkered flag.

Hard points
All three components (wheel console, pedals, and shifter module) can be bolted to a table other surface for a solid racing experience.

starstarstarstarstar  (3 reviews)  Write a review    Add to Wishlist  JB Admin

Good Game

Phil Me crack (full name) on 24.01.2013

Overall this is a good game i would recomend buying this product if you want the good hard feel of real life racing. But dont buy it for little kids because they might go rage and piff it at a wall unlike adults/teens who are more responsable that they would instead of piffing it at a wall they will slowly dismantle it in a respetcfull maner!


Best Wheel Around!

Jack Green on 15.03.2013

I couldn't even recommend this Wheel enough, the force feedback is amazing, with a great response in many simulator games. Even using the gearbox is a treat, it works fantastic for quick shifting and the paddle shift works well for F1 games. Best wheel money can buy!


Bang for buck.

Coree on 13.12.2013

An amazing simulation racing wheel at a great price. Force feedback is smooth and feels great. Great quality product, although my original was faulty and to be replaced. I've now had my replacement wheel for 11 months and it has not had any faults or problems.

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